The tour is always dependent on weather conditions, as the weather on tours in the Arctic Svalbard can be highly unstable and difficult to predict. In regards to wildlife there is absolutely no guarantee that they will appear, but we will do our outmost to be at the best location at the right time.

That being said, there are plenty of other options in case plan A fails. Plan B could very well turn out to be even better.

What level /Grading/Fitnes 

Easy walking trip, will be adjusted to the participants. Trip is suitable for everybody with fairly / normal good physical condition

What should i bring?

Since we are exploring the high arctic in and around Longyearbyen, you have to be well equipped for all kinds of dramatic weather including snowfall, strong winds, cold weather (minus degrees), but also rain. Bring comfortable, warm and waterproof outer layers such as Gore-tex, thermal underwear, crampons and water resistant boots. 

What kind of weather can I expect ?

The weather and climate in Longyearbyen is renowned for being extremely unpredictable because of it's many local weather systems. This means conditions can change within minutes and kilometres, also resulting in very dramatic light and photographic opportunities. Traditionally, November to April are the coldest months with an average temperature between -10 to -15 degrees celsius.

What camera gear should I bring?

At the very least, bring your own camera, mobile phone, lenses, blitz and tripod . If you are considering upgrading or investing in new camear gear prior to the trip, feel free to ask us for advice.

Cancellation & Refund Policy 

DAY                           Refund
0 - 7   days              0 %
8-13    days            25 %
14-20  days           50 %   
21-30   days           65 %
31-60   days           85 %
61-360 days          93 %

In General

We can never  guarantee, that you will experience these wild animals, but our  guide has local knowledge, wildlife experience and patience, so if you er with us on these assumptions, we will hopefully give you a fantastic experience and in best case, your pictures will be a memory for life and something unique to remember your visit to the Arctic.