2019 - Arctic fox & Svalbard Rock ptarmigan in winter fur/plumage

February 27.02.19-03.03.19(3 and a half day) -  Limited up to 8 participants

(Price NOK  7.750/Euro 840(depends on the exchange rate)

An 3 and a half days workshop at the very arctic north at Svalbard and Longyearbyen. We will shoot the iconic Arctic fox and the unique Svalbard rock ptarmigan, both in its winter fur/plumage, just before its mating period. The Svalbard reindeer is unique for Svalbard and you will get many opportunities to also frame it. During this periode, the sun is on its way back, and it is a awesome, unique and magic arctic light, which you can´t find anywhere else on the earth. The place and period are also very convenient for the Northern lights photography at night.


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