Almost all of the wild birds, her in Longyearbyen, is migratory birds.  So from april, the birdlife is increasing and we can see the unique king eider, grey phalarope and several type of waders and divers.  The birdlife is so rich during june and july.    But when the fall  begin i midt august and the arctic winter is coming, in october, the primary focus for this tour, is the arctic fox, but we will also search for the unique Svalbard reindeer and Svalbard rock Ptarmigan, ho is the only bird that stays with us the hole year. 

From nowember to midt mars, we will therefore introduce you to the unique winter wildlife and primary the Polar Fox`s winter environment in and around the town of Longyearbyen, where your tour starts. We move to uninhabited areas on the outskirts of Longyearbyen, using led light .  With our local knowledge of taking that “perfect shot”, we position ourselves to ensure that YOU can take well arranged and unique photos of this fantastic animal in its natural environment.  

But !!! This is wildlife!! We can never  guarantee, that you will experience these wild animals, but our  guide has local knowledge, wildlife experience and patience, so if you er with us on these assumptions, we will hopefully give you a fantastic experience and in best case, your pictures will be a memory for life and something unique to remember your visit to the Arctic.